Penomet Gaiters – High Quality Penis Enlargement Gaiters

Penomet gaiters are superior to any other product which is available on the market. This product will allow you to get the penis enlargement results you desire without worrying about irritation. This product will help you to see the increase necessary without hurting yourself or causing other problems that you may not know about.

Penomet gaiters are high quality since Penomet only uses the best materials. The materials used are dirt resistant medical grade silicone. In contrast to other products which are available on the market, Penomet gaiters are available to be removed. This means Penomet gaiters are interchangeable. This allows for use with different pressures. You will be able to customize your experience and get the results which you truly desire.

Why Using Penomet Is A Must

If you have ever felt like anything more than a stud in the bedroom, you need to use Penomet. Penomet will allow you to feel like the real man that you are instead of feeling like you are not the best lover that you could be. Whenever you use Penomet and the Penomet gaiters you are going to be able to see quick results which are going to satisfy you and the partner of your choosing.

It is a well known fact that women look for men who are well endowed. The sad thing is that some men are unaware that they are actually able to increase the size of their penis. Whenever you use Penomet, you are going to see that this is in fact true because of the results which can take place in as little as fifteen minutes after usage.

Whenever you use Penomet and the Penomet system as directed, you are going to be able to see that your penis not only longer, but it has acquired more girth. This excites many men as well as their partners. The minimal investment in Penomet and Penomet gaiters will allow you to see the maximum results.

Those individuals who are dealing with problems in their relationships will quickly find that many of those problems go away after achieving the desired results from the Penomet product. The reason is not just because the Penomet product allows you to have a larger penis. The other reason is simply because whenever you have a penis you can be proud of, you believe that you are more attractive. When you believe you are more attractive, you will be more confident. This will lead you to be someone that gets great results out of life.

There is science behind Penomet. Doctors have used this product personally as well as researched the product. The Penomet gaiters are highly regarded by these individuals. Whenever you use this product, you will be able to rest assured that many individuals have already used the product and seen the success that you desire.

Whenever you use the Penomet system which includes the Penomet gaiters, you will see many more results than you ever believed were possible. You will soon see that you are able to get results in as little as fifteen minutes after use. Results this quick are sure to build belief and allow people to keep using the product to get the results they truly desire.

Using Penomet to increase the size of the penis is a great idea, but it also helps with other problems that may be happening for you. If you are someone that suffers from problems with your penis, such as having a bent penis, then you will be able to get help by simply using the Penomet system. If you are someone that is having problems with erectile dysfunction, you will be able to experience positive results as well.

Thought Behind Using Penomet

The biggest thing you need to think about when you are using Penomet is that this is a good thing for all men to do. Many times we exercise and take care of our bodies, but we fail to remember our penis. Our penis should be exercised just like any of the other muscles in the body. When you do this, you are going to be able to experience a much stronger and longer erection as well as other positive results.

Whenever you use the Penomet gaiters and the Penomet system, you are going to be happy about your choice. You do not have to worry about losing your money if you are not satisfied. When you use the Penomet system, you are going to have a full money back guarantee. This will allow you to buy the product and not worry about any other problems that may be arising. You will be able to get the results that you want and have the peace of mind to know that Penomet stands behind the Penomet system as well as the Penomet gaiters.

Some individuals do not desire everyone to know the product they are purchasing. If you are one of those people, you should not feel bad about the fact that you are ordering this product, but you can still keep it a secret. When you order the Penomet product, you are going to be able to do so by using the website. This will allow you to order without anyone knowing. When the product is shipped to you, it will be in a discreet box. No one will be able to tell what you are ordering.

In conclusion, you are going to be able to get a great product, at a great price. You will be able to purchase this product with peace of mind because of the money back guarantee.  You are going to be able to get your product quickly, increase the size and girth of your penis as well as create more self confidence. Many men are taking this step and increasing the quality of their lives. Now with Penomet, this is available to everyone that desires to change their life in this way. If this is something you desire to do, you can do it not with very little expense to you.


penis FAQ

Do penis enlargement pills really work?

Let’s be frank about this. There are a lot of penis enlargement pills that are outright scams. They don’t work. But, there are some that DO work. The difference is in the ingredients of the pills. Some pills simply don’t have the ingredients that are necessary for them to be effective. Also, some of the best pills around don’t work for some guys. Everyone’s internal system is a little different. So, each person reacts a little differently to the ingredients.

Elsewhere on this site, we covered the ingredients that should be in every effective penis enlargement pill. Read that list and make sure that the pills you’re buying contain those same ingredients.

How do penis enlargement pills work?

The pills work in the same manner that our recommended exercises do. That is, they encourage better circulation, increased blood flow to the penis and allow penile tissue regeneration. If you’re interested in reading a detailed explanation of how the pills work, we’ve written a detailed article for you elsewhere on this site.

Questions About Penis Enlargement Devices

What is an enlargement device and how does it make your penis bigger?

First, it’s important to realize that penis enlargement devices are safe to use. The devices exert a pulling force (called “traction”) on your penis. This helps to break down the cells and penile tissue while promoting their repair. They can usually be worn inconspicuously under your clothes. We’ve provided a detailed explanation of how they work, what they look like and the parts involved elsewhere on this site.

Do I need to use a penis stretching device in addition to doing the exercises?

You don’t need to use them together. But, most men who use them together report faster results. Frankly, if you have the time to exercise, you don’t really need to wear one of these devices. Do the exercises consistently and you’ll eventually see the results you want.

One note about using them together: if you’re going to wear the penis enlargement device while doing your exercises (not at the same time, obviously), lessen the repetitions you do and the amount of time you wear the device. Give your penis a break!

Questions About Penis Enlargement Patches

How exactly do penis enlargement patches work?

They work in the same way that the exercises and pills work. They increase circulation and blood flow to your penis while encouraging your body’s natural healing process. If you’d like to learn more about how these patches work, you’ll find a great, detailed article about them elsewhere on our site.

Questions About Semen Volume Pills

Do semen volume pills really increase the amount of semen when you ejaculate?

Yes. The pills can definitely have that affect. Effective volume pills usually contain Zinc and L-Arginine. Both are also key ingredients in penis enlargement pills.

Miscellaneous Questions

I’d like to print out your articles and other material about penis enlargement. How can I do that?

There are several videos available on our site. And if you’d like a hard copy of our articles, techniques and exercises, just hit Ctrl-P to print them.

I noticed there are tons of programs online that promise to make my penis better. Are they worth joining?

If you really want to join any of those programs, go ahead. But, save your receipt. You’re going to discover that the material that you have to pay $50 or $100 (or more) to get access to is already free on our site.

We’ve spent a lot of time preparing the exercises, the workout routines, descriptions of ingredients in various pills along with a ton of other material. Our site has become one of the best authorities online about penis enlargement. And you’ll find that whatever those other programs have for $50 or $100, you can get here for free.

But, it’s your money. We can’t stop you.


Male Extra testimonials

Testimonial 1

“Hi, since I started taking Male Extra my sex life is so much better. I have more stamina and my erections are significantly harder. I have a new girlfriend and she loves it. I know what you are thinking about you think it is all a lie, do not you? You think that the pill does not work. Well let me tell you straight away it is not true, it really works. My penis is a lot bigger now and there are no side effects at all. I had low self-esteem earlier because of the size of my penis and because of that I did not go anywhere near the girls. I had a girlfriend few years ago and when we got naked she said I am not big enough and she laughed. This is why I never tried to find a new girlfriend; I was scared they were all going to laugh. But now with Male Extra I have a stronger and bigger erection and my self-esteem is much better. I am confident in my sex life and my penis size too. Just try them and I assure you they will change your life entirely.”

Testimonial 2

“Hello, I know you have heard it all before. There are so many stories on ways to enlarge your penis size and make your erections stronger. But this is the real deal. The Male Extra is not a lie. This will surely improve your sex life because it has done wonders to mine. I had problems since my wife left me, five years ago. Every time I was with a new woman my erection would disappear as soon as we got naked. This is because of my low self-esteem and the fact that my wife told me that my penis size is why she left me. I thought my troubles will never be over and that I will grow old alone. But Male Extra solved my problem with self-esteem and enlarged my penis size. It gave me a strong and lasting erection and women are chasing me now. You know how the word spreads fast. So thank you Male Extra for making me believe in myself again and for improving my sex life.”

Testimonial 3

“All my life I wanted just one thing, to have a slightly bigger penis and a stronger erection. I have been throughout the whole internet searching for ways to enlarge my penis size. I did many practices and tried so many pills and started to lose hope that I will get a bigger penis. Then I found Male Extra pills. I thought it was another scheme but decided to give it a go. Oh my god, how glad I am that I did not stop trying. Now my penis has increased in size and width and my erections are much harder and they last so long. My new girlfriend loves me for who I am but I am not sure she would love me earlier. Anyway, Male Extra is the best and there are no side effects at all. Now I am happier and I do not have to hide myself in the showers. I can show off now. I still can’t believe how my life changed entirely in a matter of days when I started taking Male Extra. “

Testimonial 4

“Let me tell you my story and then you can decide do you wish to buy Male Extra. I slept with a girl from school and she told everybody that my penis size is small. People started to tease me and to make fun of me. I kept myself quiet. So I browsed the internet looking for ways to enlarge my penis. So many ways of enlarging I tried and was about to stop when I discovered Male Extra. After buying it in one week there was a significant increase in my size and a stronger erection too. So I started to plan. After a month I was in the showers and showed my penis to all of the guys and so they started to talk. After sometime a lot of girls from school were calling me and I have a very healthy sex life now. The girl that made fun of me called me too but I said that I am too big for her now. Thank you Male Extra.”

Male Edge Extender: Your Ultimate Penis Enlargement Solution

When it comes to manhood, penis size is considered very important. Having a large penis not only increases your sexual experience significantly, but also boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. Male Edge Extender, is one of the best penis enlargement device in the market currently. It’s been scientifically proven to increase the length and girth of your penis. Besides, it’s very comfortable to wear, easy to use, lightweight and non-invasive. You can wear it the whole day without even realizing it’s on.

It comes in three different packages for you to choose from based on your preference, taste and lifestyle. They include the Male Edge Basic, Male Edge Extra and Male Edge Pro. The basic version comes with a rubber strap, ruler and 24-hour individual access to an online training program. The extra version includes additional protection pad, rubber strap and a travel bag. The pro version, comes with additional extra rubber straps, replacement pads and a cohesive gauze. Here’s more about how this device works, it’s benefits and shortcomings.

How it Works

Male Edge Extender is a traction device that works by applying gentle, but consistent tension force to the penile shaft. This causes small tears in the penile muscles and tissue, stimulating division of penile cells. This, in turn, causes the tears to heal overtime and build up, resulting in bigger, harder and longer erections, because your penile shaft will be capable of holding more blood than before.

Traction is a natural method that has long been used to stretch different parts of the body that are short for some reason. For instance, people use the method to increase the length of their ears, necks, lips and now, the penis. It’s clinically proven to work and is very safe, so you don’t have to worry because it doesn’t pose any threats to your manhood.

It is worth noting that the available traction devices in the current market can apply only up to 1500 g of pressure to the penile shaft. For instance, Jes-Extender applies only 1,500 grams, while X4 Labs applies between 1,500 and 2,100 grams. However, Male Edge has a greater traction force of up to 2800 g of pressure, making it very effective as a penis enlargement device. According to the manufacturer, your penis may increase as much as 2 to 3 inches when you use this device consistently.

The key to its effectiveness lies in the fact that it works gradually, and you’re totally in control over it. The amount of pressure you want to exert on your penis is completely up to you. You can move faster to increase the rate of growth, or slow down if you feel uncomfortable.


  • a) It helps to provide stronger and longer erections.
  • b) It’s lightweight and very comfortable to put on even for long hours.
  • c) It’s scientifically proven to work, and is recommended by doctors worldwide.
  • d) It fits and adjusts easily.
  • e) It comes with numerous accessories such as travel bag and protection pad.
  • f) It comes with a 2-year warranty and 200% money-back guarantee.
  • g) Users have free access to the customers’ forum, online training, DVD instructions and e-mail customer support.


  • a) The basic version comes without a protective pad.

Overall, Male Edge is a highly-quality penis enlargement device that’s safe, easy to use, and is scientifically proven to increase the size and girth of your penis. It’s definitely worth trying.

Is it Safe to Use Penis Enhancement Pills (Male Extra)

Male penis enhancement pills are found worldwide. As it is found and sold commercially you are quite familiar with this penis enhancement. You also know about this via my website for male extra. In fact all we somehow know aboutpenis enhancement pills one way or another.

But the question which is discussed in many forums is that is it safe to use male penis enhancement pills in the first place?

For male penis enhancement there are also two methods known but these are not so much convenient in safety aspect. Jegling, or exercising, is considered as a very safe method unless you become highly enthusiastic and overdo it. Surgery is another treatment which can cause permanent irreversible damage and is high risk. However opting for surgery is mainly used in extreme cases only therefore for penis enhancement get male extra.

If you want to know if penis enhancement pills are safe or not you have to know their function, what it delivers and what is contained within the male extra pills that will ultimately achieve penis enhancement.

Horny goat weed (yes I know what a weird name); Acai berry, celery and various other ingredients are used in male extra penis enhancementpills. In fact ingredients differ from pill to pill. In maximum cases the ingredients used all are natural that means very much safe and you can easily rely on

especially when you try male extra penis enhancement pills which contain 1500 mg per capsule. But never exceed the limit of dosage given by manufacturer on the instructions of male extra which don’t forget is an all-natural penis enhancement.

In fact all penis enhancement pills enhance blood flow when you consume male extra. This means during your erection moment more blood will be circulated into penis, increasing your penis length and girth.  Actually proper combination of exercises and male penis enhancement pills both produce a long lasting increase in length and girth.

Overall when you buy male extra penis enhancement pills are indeed a safe method of increasing your penis length and girth. The most common side effects according to FDA are better orgasms and removal of tiredness but I don’t think these are side effects do you. However, if you have any confusion it is better to consult with your doctor first before you buy male extra.

As there are many penis enhancement pills that are available to you, however you have to choose the right one that gives you the best result for penis enhancement. Also keep eyes on the reviews of good penis enhancement pills but cut to the chase

Do You Know How Many Kinds Of Penis Enlargement Devices

There have been a lot of penis enlargement devices that have been manufactured over the last 100 years and yet this attraction to the penis enlargement is still there. As far as 20 centuries ago, many communities had a way of enlarging the penis. This included cruel methods as hanging weights to do doing some home surgery of slitting the shaft open. Most of these methods ended up with some medical complication. Luckily enough in the last 100 years, there has been an increase in modern procedures for male penis enlargement which have been approved by medical doctors as safe and effective. When you decide to enlarge your penis, then you might choose a process that is safe and effective. There are a lot of penis devices out there and not all them are effective. Some only offer temporary relief while others are known to permanently add you power and penis strength. Choose a penis enlargement tool that works would fit your way of life.

The four main penis enhancements devices are:

Penis Pumps or Vacuum devices

These pumps are known to cause injuries to the penis like causing scars, bruises, painful blisters, dislocation, bleeding from exploded capillaries and many more painful side effects.  They only work temporarily because they are only used before the occasion. They work by pumping air out of a tube that is placed on your penis which makes the penis to swell for a while for it to achieve the perceived enhancement.

These pumps are risky and are not worth using them; the difference in pressure levels between the pump and the inner vessels can cause serious damage to your blood vessels.

We do not endorse this kind of penis enhancements unless your medical condition is extreme e.g. impotence, or would you rather encounter monstrosities in your night stand?

Penis Weights

In penis weights method, some kind of heavy material is hanged on your penis for about 20-30 minutes every day.  This method can cause serious injuries to your organ including pain, bruises, dislocation and other ailments.  The weights can also prevent proper circulation of blood which can have severe side effects. Since the penis is not a muscle unlike other parts of the body e.g. biceps, it a very risky way of penis enhancement.

If you are still interested in hanging weights from your penis, you can try genuine penis extenders instead, otherwise have someone watch over your while using the penis weights method as it can result in damages. This method also need patience as it requires time and endurance.

Jelq Devices

This is an old Arabic penis exercise that is supposed to extend your penis by forcing tissues inside your penis to multiply quickly hence increasing the amount of blood that your penis can carry. You perform the exercise 30 minutes, 3 times a week for 2 months and you might gain at least two inches of penis size. After sometime of using this method, you will find:

  • Burnout and fatigue
  • Get penis injuries as you might lose control’
  • Problems in regulating intensity and frequency using your hands
  • Aches in your arms due to frequent repetitions
  • Tired arms making it difficult to do it correctly

Penis Extenders/Penis Enlarger/Traction Devices/ Stretching devices

These devices are the same. Traction is one of the methods that even doctors endorse for penis enlargement. It is a safe and have everlasting results and is one of the most recommended method of penis enlargement.  Any man who wants to get accurate information about the leading device for penis enlargement should continue to read on and get the facts about how to get his penis bigger.

Pulling device work on the same basis as muscle exercises does. The gadget prolongs the penis by stretching the penis tissues thus resulting in new heavier and bigger penis. It actually enhances the length and the width by multiplying the cells inside the penis tissues which results in the penis holding more blood. It therefore serves its purpose of penis enhancement.


3 ways or Mantras to help prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that most of the men face at different points of times in their life. This article I am going to share with you 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction.
Before we start exploring the ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction let’s take a look at what it is and why does it happen.

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of an individual to have sexual intercourse due to lack of firmness in the erection. Studies have shown that men face this problem due to many reasons; these could be physical or emotional in nature.

Suffering from various illnesses like Cardiovascular, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity etc. could be some of the reasons for an individual having ED. On the emotional front it could be stress, anxiety, relationship issues etc.

Now that we know the causes of Erectile Dysfunction, let us look at 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction by getting some Balance in your life

  • Mantra 1: A Balanced Diet
  • Mantra 2: A Balanced Life Style
  • Mantra 3: A Balanced Emotional State

Mantra 1 : A Balanced Diet

What’s harmful to your heart is harmful for your penis.

You read it right; whatever causes blockages to the capillaries leading to heart problems leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Since the capillaries supplying blood to penis also start getting clogged. Changing lifestyle is one reason we do not have healthy meals we eat a lot of fried and processed foods that is high in cholesterol. It’s important for you to have a balanced diet consisting of good fats, fruits and vegetables.

It is observed that a Mediterranean diet is a very healthy diet as it consists of appropriate portions of fruits, vegetables, Whole grains and healthy fats that include Olive Oil, Fish, and nuts. Once can also replace high fatty foods with good substitutes without compromising on the taste like for example changing your oil to Olive or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Replacing butter and margarine with Greek Yogurt or Avocado, use fresh herbs to add flavor.

When you eat healthy you also are on the way to a healthier weight as Obesity is also a prime cause of ED.

This is the first Mantra of the 3 ways of Preventing Erectile Dysfunction.

Mantra 2: A Balanced Lifestyle

Like a Balanced Diet a Balanced lifestyle is of great importance as it takes care of the Physical & Emotional aspects that lead to Erectile Dysfunction. Moderation is the key word to having a Balanced Lifestyle. Regular exercise, proper sleep and a work-life balance leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Walking, Jogging or any form of physical exercise (except for bicycle riding) for at least 30 to 45 mins a day helps in increasing blood circulation and also providing the stamina and energy.
Other than including Exercise in your regime you need to also subtract a few things like smoking and drinking beyond a limit. Occasional smoke or a Drink is not harmful however being addicted to it can lead to ED.

A sound sleep is an important ingredient to a health well balanced lifestyle, with age your body takes longer to recover and rejuvenate hence not having enough rest could lead to your body feeling tired and hence inability to spend quality time with your spouse.

Remember this will also ensure that your blood pressure and other vascular ailments are kept under control.

Balance your lifestyle is the 2nd Mantra of the 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Mantra 3: A Balanced Emotional State

Like the body and our physiological systems need to be balanced so does our Emotional state. Extreme Emotional states lead to Stress, Anxiety, Depression and these could be a major cause for your ED.

It is important that you need to resort what I like to call the Talk Therapy’ a therapy where in you share your emotional state with the person you trust and can share you inner soul with. Today it’s important to empty the pressure building up in your mind.

Talk Therapy’ is a tried and tested method that allows you to destress, reduce anxiety. Today there are a lot of counselors offering confidential services to help overcome these situations.
Another practical way to get into a balanced Emotional state is to do Yoga it not only regulates your breathing and increases flow of blood to the various systems in our body but also calms us down. It sends additional oxygen to our brain allowing us to think clearly and be ready to face the situations.

It is equally important to incorporate activities that you and your spouse enjoy together, that’s a way of connecting with the spouse and also it reduces pressure amongst couples that are facing relationship issues. Spending time together, doing fun activities leads to a positive mental state.

This is the last Mantra of the 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction.

These 3 ways or Mantras will help you prevent Erectile Dysfunction, ED is a part of every mans’ life prevent it early while its temporary and not let it reside within you and ruin the entire journey of life.

Safety Tips when Using Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, according to vendors, can be effective at helping you attain and maintain an erection when used properly. However, wrong use of this device can lead to painful, unsightly, and sometimes serious consequences as well. Contrary to popular believe, a penis pump only produces temporary results. At the most, it can help retain an erection for three to four hours, and afterward the penis softens again.

Safety considerations when using a penis pump

Because of the risks involved, the penis pump is also recommended for patients who need to maintain an erection to prevent penile atrophy. They are also recommended in the rehabilitation of patients recovering from prostatic surgery to prevent impotence. The device is available over the counter, so anyone who wants to try this device can do so without the prescription of a doctor. You may want to use a lubricant when using the penis pump to prevent it from sticking to the sides of the cylinder. To prevent applying excessive vacuum, make sure you use a pump that has a built-in vacuum limiter, which prevents the pressure from getting too high. Also consider existing medical conditions before using this device. The use of a penis pump is not recommended for men who suffer from bleeding disorders and those who suffer from priapism or prolonged periods of erection.

Dangers of using penis pumps

There are a lot of risks when you misuse penis pumps. For one, applying excessive vacuum can lead to burst blood vessels, resulting in an unsightly purple color on the organ, as well as potential nerve damage that can affect your ability to maintain an erection naturally in the future. Addiction to the pump, although very strange, has also been found to occur.

Penis pumps are devices that only produce temporary results. Proper use of the device is very important if you want to avoid problems such as bruising and damaged blood vessels and nerves.


Reviews of the top quality sizegenetics

Many men live a quiet life with deep kept secrets about the size of their manhood. While many will at some point in their relationship admit that they have a problem, some can never let their ego be easily lowered and prefer to believe that they are okay despite the fact that there is a problem when it comes to their size. Despite of all these issues affecting majority of men, there is always a solution when it comes to the best medication and to ensure that they are able to get the perfect size that they really will feel want. According sizegenetics reviews, many men admit that the product is very effective and that it has given them hope of living a better life.

The reviews shows that many men were living in dark corners of their relationships fearing for the worst from their wives until when they finally discovered the best products that gave them a glimmer of hope in life. The product really helps men to gain significant improvements on their penis length and gives them the right confidence, strength and the ability to function normally. It is known as one of the best men enhancement product that helps many men to live a better life and nurture their marriage to eternity.

The enhancers are traditionally known as the best products in the market and they are highly recognized due to their quality outcome. The sizegenetics reviews indicates how they work to help in enlarging the penis through a continuous tension process and the use of device that holds the penis in a well enabled and outstretched manner. Users states that after some months of using the product, they experienced great improvements as their penis cells started to get divided making it longer and thicker through the continuous tension which also stretches their ligaments that connect to the pubic bone.

The best thing about this device is how easy it is to use. it’s virtually effortless and you can grow your penis and “amp it up” as you are doing other things. Wow.

Size Genetics is a miracle! I was skeptical at first but if I could post before and after pictures on here to prove the difference it makes, I would!

You have no idea how happy I am that I tried Size Genetics. Not only that but all the things I got that comes with it, like the manuals, spare parts, and DVDs… is all such a good deal. I am thrilled that something like this is even priced the way it is. Great product guys… don’t take it away!

A dynamite investment. I have never felt or looked better in all my life. Five Star Device. Five Star Customer Service.


If it wasn’t for SizeGenetics, I would still be 4 inches long (erect) and 3 inches in diameter. I am a full 6 inches long now and 4.5 around. Not only that, but the more I use it, the bigger I get. AWESOME!

There is a reason for all the positive reviews this product gets… it works! Thank you guys for creating Size Genetics. I don’t know how I ever lived without it…

Oh it works! And my girlfriend looooves the seductive massage I learned how to give her with the DVD that comes with it. My sex life has never been better, and my gf isn’t going anywhere

It seems to take a long time for your body to become accustomed to this and do what it is supposed to. I was about to send it back for a refund after about 3 weeks with hardly any result. But I read somewhere that it takes 3 weeks for your body to become used to something. So I decided to wait a month. Customer Service was kind enough to tell me to keep trying it for another 2 weeks, and if I still wasn’t satisfied, I could then return it. So I took up their offer and I’m glad I did. My penis is now over an inch longer and is also about an inch wider in girth. But when I get an erection, it’s bigger than it’s ever been. I’d say I can almost 4 inches. So glad I kept this!

I am so impressed with my Size Genetics device! It has saved me so much time and it actually WORKS!

I have long been a small penis sufferer. That is, until I ordered SizeGenetics. I no longer have a small penis. I wold now consider myself of average size. I truly believe that the more I use this, the bigger I’ll get. I grew a lot and that’s only with using SizeGenetics for 2 months along with penis enlargement exercises. I am very happy with my results so far.

As a 28 year old man who has had a small penis my entire life, I finally made the decision to invest in something to help me. I bought Size Genetics 3 weeks ago. It arrived like a few days after I ordered it, so very fast. I started using it immediately, and I’m already almost half an inch longer in penis size. The girth is noticeably larger too. This was a great investment and I don’t regret it at all!

My boyfriend has always been self conscience of his “size”, so I bought SizeGenetics for him for an early birthday gift a couple months ago. He started using it before Christmas and it is now January 16th. So not even a month later and his penis is noticeably bigger (I think an inch longer and an inch and a half in girth). But not only that. He lasts longer now and we also leaned tons of cool sex positions from the DVD. So needless to say; life is good right now! Thank you SizeGenetics!

Girls are always flirting with me and telling me that I’m cute. Before I tried SizeGenetics I didn’t have the confidence to take girls home due to the size of my penis. It’s been a month since I started using SizeGenetics and I have grown a little over an inch. I’m still not ready to pick up girls but I have all the confidence in the world that I’ll get to a comfortable size soon.

At first I thought penis enlargement was not possible. The I thought the cost was way to high for the sizegenetics extender but then after reading the reviews I figured it was worth the try. I’m amazed at the gains I have been getting after using it everyday for a month. Sizegenetics is a great product I recommend to anyone!



Get Back your Libido with VigRX Plus

There are many products out there in the market that promise to help men with sexual matters. Going by the number of men expressing interest in such products, it is apparent that a high population is seeking a boost in their sex lives.

Vigrx plus pills have been specially formulated to give you a harder, longer erection. These pills were formulated after a decade-long research into the factors affecting sexual health. The product is scientifically proven and approved, having been tested by renowned experts such as Vedic Life Sciences Pvt LTD. The comprehensive tests done here involved 2 groups of men aged 25-50 years old. The first group was put on the Vigrx plus pills while the second group was used as a control. In an interesting twist, this second group was made to believe that they were on the same pill.

Within about 84 days, the results were astounding.

  • Participants reported that their sexual satisfaction had gone up by 70%, while the sexual desire went up by over 47%.
  • Other parameters such as control over the erection, frequency of orgasm and increase in libido also shot up by remarkable margins.
  • Such impeccacle results are the reason why Vigrx continues to receive plenty of orders; and you should not be left out.

How many VigRX Plus pills should I take?

2 pills a day of Vigrx plus is all you need to get your sexual performance on an upward trajectory. In a month, the ingredients will have blended into your body, boosting your sexual performance from within. You will experience a stronger libido, solid erections and have better control of your thrusts. After a fully satisfying session for you and your partner, you’ll be rewarded with a mind-blowing extensive orgasm.

If you have used other male enhancement products before, you will notice the difference in effectiveness compared to Vigrx plus pills. Most of the other products are taken just before sex, leading to moments of anxiety wondering whether it will work. If it indeed does work, you can’t help but wonder how long it will last.

With Vigrx, you’re ready to go any time.

What kind of ingredients are in the pills?

One of the main in Vigrx is Bioperine which is fully approved by the relevant authorities. This potent ingredient enhances the absorption of all the elements required for a strong, lasting erection. Although the exact results may differ slightly depending on the individual, significant changes should be felt after using Vigrx for 2 to 3 months. By this time, the ingredients will have blended into the body. For the good results to persist, you’re advised to use Vigrx continuously. The longer you use it, the better the results.

You have no reason to be left out of this success story that many men have been a part of. Make sure you make your purchase from the official website so that you can be guaranteed of the original product. The transaction will be carried out with the privacy it deserves. Within no time, you will be reliving your younger days when sex urge was the order of the day, and your performance will be something to write home about!