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Do penis enlargement pills really work?

Let’s be frank about this. There are a lot of penis enlargement pills that are outright scams. They don’t work. But, there are some that DO work. The difference is in the ingredients of the pills. Some pills simply don’t have the ingredients that are necessary for them to be effective. Also, some of the best pills around don’t work for some guys. Everyone’s internal system is a little different. So, each person reacts a little differently to the ingredients.

Elsewhere on this site, we covered the ingredients that should be in every effective penis enlargement pill. Read that list and make sure that the pills you’re buying contain those same ingredients.

How do penis enlargement pills work?

The pills work in the same manner that our recommended exercises do. That is, they encourage better circulation, increased blood flow to the penis and allow penile tissue regeneration. If you’re interested in reading a detailed explanation of how the pills work, we’ve written a detailed article for you elsewhere on this site.

Questions About Penis Enlargement Devices

What is an enlargement device and how does it make your penis bigger?

First, it’s important to realize that penis enlargement devices are safe to use. The devices exert a pulling force (called “traction”) on your penis. This helps to break down the cells and penile tissue while promoting their repair. They can usually be worn inconspicuously under your clothes. We’ve provided a detailed explanation of how they work, what they look like and the parts involved elsewhere on this site.

Do I need to use a penis stretching device in addition to doing the exercises?

You don’t need to use them together. But, most men who use them together report faster results. Frankly, if you have the time to exercise, you don’t really need to wear one of these devices. Do the exercises consistently and you’ll eventually see the results you want.

One note about using them together: if you’re going to wear the penis enlargement device while doing your exercises (not at the same time, obviously), lessen the repetitions you do and the amount of time you wear the device. Give your penis a break!

Questions About Penis Enlargement Patches

How exactly do penis enlargement patches work?

They work in the same way that the exercises and pills work. They increase circulation and blood flow to your penis while encouraging your body’s natural healing process. If you’d like to learn more about how these patches work, you’ll find a great, detailed article about them elsewhere on our site.

Questions About Semen Volume Pills

Do semen volume pills really increase the amount of semen when you ejaculate?

Yes. The pills can definitely have that affect. Effective volume pills usually contain Zinc and L-Arginine. Both are also key ingredients in penis enlargement pills.

Miscellaneous Questions

I’d like to print out your articles and other material about penis enlargement. How can I do that?

There are several videos available on our site. And if you’d like a hard copy of our articles, techniques and exercises, just hit Ctrl-P to print them.

I noticed there are tons of programs online that promise to make my penis better. Are they worth joining?

If you really want to join any of those programs, go ahead. But, save your receipt. You’re going to discover that the material that you have to pay $50 or $100 (or more) to get access to is already free on our site.

We’ve spent a lot of time preparing the exercises, the workout routines, descriptions of ingredients in various pills along with a ton of other material. Our site has become one of the best authorities online about penis enlargement. And you’ll find that whatever those other programs have for $50 or $100, you can get here for free.

But, it’s your money. We can’t stop you.


Male Extra testimonials

Testimonial 1

“Hi, since I started taking Male Extra my sex life is so much better. I have more stamina and my erections are significantly harder. I have a new girlfriend and she loves it. I know what you are thinking about you think it is all a lie, do not you? You think that the pill does not work. Well let me tell you straight away it is not true, it really works. My penis is a lot bigger now and there are no side effects at all. I had low self-esteem earlier because of the size of my penis and because of that I did not go anywhere near the girls. I had a girlfriend few years ago and when we got naked she said I am not big enough and she laughed. This is why I never tried to find a new girlfriend; I was scared they were all going to laugh. But now with Male Extra I have a stronger and bigger erection and my self-esteem is much better. I am confident in my sex life and my penis size too. Just try them and I assure you they will change your life entirely.”

Testimonial 2

“Hello, I know you have heard it all before. There are so many stories on ways to enlarge your penis size and make your erections stronger. But this is the real deal. The Male Extra is not a lie. This will surely improve your sex life because it has done wonders to mine. I had problems since my wife left me, five years ago. Every time I was with a new woman my erection would disappear as soon as we got naked. This is because of my low self-esteem and the fact that my wife told me that my penis size is why she left me. I thought my troubles will never be over and that I will grow old alone. But Male Extra solved my problem with self-esteem and enlarged my penis size. It gave me a strong and lasting erection and women are chasing me now. You know how the word spreads fast. So thank you Male Extra for making me believe in myself again and for improving my sex life.”

Testimonial 3

“All my life I wanted just one thing, to have a slightly bigger penis and a stronger erection. I have been throughout the whole internet searching for ways to enlarge my penis size. I did many practices and tried so many pills and started to lose hope that I will get a bigger penis. Then I found Male Extra pills. I thought it was another scheme but decided to give it a go. Oh my god, how glad I am that I did not stop trying. Now my penis has increased in size and width and my erections are much harder and they last so long. My new girlfriend loves me for who I am but I am not sure she would love me earlier. Anyway, Male Extra is the best and there are no side effects at all. Now I am happier and I do not have to hide myself in the showers. I can show off now. I still can’t believe how my life changed entirely in a matter of days when I started taking Male Extra. “

Testimonial 4

“Let me tell you my story and then you can decide do you wish to buy Male Extra. I slept with a girl from school and she told everybody that my penis size is small. People started to tease me and to make fun of me. I kept myself quiet. So I browsed the internet looking for ways to enlarge my penis. So many ways of enlarging I tried and was about to stop when I discovered Male Extra. After buying it in one week there was a significant increase in my size and a stronger erection too. So I started to plan. After a month I was in the showers and showed my penis to all of the guys and so they started to talk. After sometime a lot of girls from school were calling me and I have a very healthy sex life now. The girl that made fun of me called me too but I said that I am too big for her now. Thank you Male Extra.”

Do You Know How Many Kinds Of Penis Enlargement Devices

There have been a lot of penis enlargement devices that have been manufactured over the last 100 years and yet this attraction to the penis enlargement is still there. As far as 20 centuries ago, many communities had a way of enlarging the penis. This included cruel methods as hanging weights to do doing some home surgery of slitting the shaft open. Most of these methods ended up with some medical complication. Luckily enough in the last 100 years, there has been an increase in modern procedures for male penis enlargement which have been approved by medical doctors as safe and effective. When you decide to enlarge your penis, then you might choose a process that is safe and effective. There are a lot of penis devices out there and not all them are effective. Some only offer temporary relief while others are known to permanently add you power and penis strength. Choose a penis enlargement tool that works would fit your way of life.

The four main penis enhancements devices are:

Penis Pumps or Vacuum devices

These pumps are known to cause injuries to the penis like causing scars, bruises, painful blisters, dislocation, bleeding from exploded capillaries and many more painful side effects.  They only work temporarily because they are only used before the occasion. They work by pumping air out of a tube that is placed on your penis which makes the penis to swell for a while for it to achieve the perceived enhancement.

These pumps are risky and are not worth using them; the difference in pressure levels between the pump and the inner vessels can cause serious damage to your blood vessels.

We do not endorse this kind of penis enhancements unless your medical condition is extreme e.g. impotence, or would you rather encounter monstrosities in your night stand?

Penis Weights

In penis weights method, some kind of heavy material is hanged on your penis for about 20-30 minutes every day.  This method can cause serious injuries to your organ including pain, bruises, dislocation and other ailments.  The weights can also prevent proper circulation of blood which can have severe side effects. Since the penis is not a muscle unlike other parts of the body e.g. biceps, it a very risky way of penis enhancement.

If you are still interested in hanging weights from your penis, you can try genuine penis extenders instead, otherwise have someone watch over your while using the penis weights method as it can result in damages. This method also need patience as it requires time and endurance.

Jelq Devices

This is an old Arabic penis exercise that is supposed to extend your penis by forcing tissues inside your penis to multiply quickly hence increasing the amount of blood that your penis can carry. You perform the exercise 30 minutes, 3 times a week for 2 months and you might gain at least two inches of penis size. After sometime of using this method, you will find:

  • Burnout and fatigue
  • Get penis injuries as you might lose control’
  • Problems in regulating intensity and frequency using your hands
  • Aches in your arms due to frequent repetitions
  • Tired arms making it difficult to do it correctly

Penis Extenders/Penis Enlarger/Traction Devices/ Stretching devices

These devices are the same. Traction is one of the methods that even doctors endorse for penis enlargement. It is a safe and have everlasting results and is one of the most recommended method of penis enlargement.  Any man who wants to get accurate information about the leading device for penis enlargement should continue to read on and get the facts about how to get his penis bigger.

Pulling device work on the same basis as muscle exercises does. The gadget prolongs the penis by stretching the penis tissues thus resulting in new heavier and bigger penis. It actually enhances the length and the width by multiplying the cells inside the penis tissues which results in the penis holding more blood. It therefore serves its purpose of penis enhancement.


3 ways or Mantras to help prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that most of the men face at different points of times in their life. This article I am going to share with you 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction.
Before we start exploring the ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction let’s take a look at what it is and why does it happen.

Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of an individual to have sexual intercourse due to lack of firmness in the erection. Studies have shown that men face this problem due to many reasons; these could be physical or emotional in nature.

Suffering from various illnesses like Cardiovascular, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity etc. could be some of the reasons for an individual having ED. On the emotional front it could be stress, anxiety, relationship issues etc.

Now that we know the causes of Erectile Dysfunction, let us look at 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction by getting some Balance in your life

  • Mantra 1: A Balanced Diet
  • Mantra 2: A Balanced Life Style
  • Mantra 3: A Balanced Emotional State

Mantra 1 : A Balanced Diet

What’s harmful to your heart is harmful for your penis.

You read it right; whatever causes blockages to the capillaries leading to heart problems leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Since the capillaries supplying blood to penis also start getting clogged. Changing lifestyle is one reason we do not have healthy meals we eat a lot of fried and processed foods that is high in cholesterol. It’s important for you to have a balanced diet consisting of good fats, fruits and vegetables.

It is observed that a Mediterranean diet is a very healthy diet as it consists of appropriate portions of fruits, vegetables, Whole grains and healthy fats that include Olive Oil, Fish, and nuts. Once can also replace high fatty foods with good substitutes without compromising on the taste like for example changing your oil to Olive or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Replacing butter and margarine with Greek Yogurt or Avocado, use fresh herbs to add flavor.

When you eat healthy you also are on the way to a healthier weight as Obesity is also a prime cause of ED.

This is the first Mantra of the 3 ways of Preventing Erectile Dysfunction.

Mantra 2: A Balanced Lifestyle

Like a Balanced Diet a Balanced lifestyle is of great importance as it takes care of the Physical & Emotional aspects that lead to Erectile Dysfunction. Moderation is the key word to having a Balanced Lifestyle. Regular exercise, proper sleep and a work-life balance leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Walking, Jogging or any form of physical exercise (except for bicycle riding) for at least 30 to 45 mins a day helps in increasing blood circulation and also providing the stamina and energy.
Other than including Exercise in your regime you need to also subtract a few things like smoking and drinking beyond a limit. Occasional smoke or a Drink is not harmful however being addicted to it can lead to ED.

A sound sleep is an important ingredient to a health well balanced lifestyle, with age your body takes longer to recover and rejuvenate hence not having enough rest could lead to your body feeling tired and hence inability to spend quality time with your spouse.

Remember this will also ensure that your blood pressure and other vascular ailments are kept under control.

Balance your lifestyle is the 2nd Mantra of the 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Mantra 3: A Balanced Emotional State

Like the body and our physiological systems need to be balanced so does our Emotional state. Extreme Emotional states lead to Stress, Anxiety, Depression and these could be a major cause for your ED.

It is important that you need to resort what I like to call the Talk Therapy’ a therapy where in you share your emotional state with the person you trust and can share you inner soul with. Today it’s important to empty the pressure building up in your mind.

Talk Therapy’ is a tried and tested method that allows you to destress, reduce anxiety. Today there are a lot of counselors offering confidential services to help overcome these situations.
Another practical way to get into a balanced Emotional state is to do Yoga it not only regulates your breathing and increases flow of blood to the various systems in our body but also calms us down. It sends additional oxygen to our brain allowing us to think clearly and be ready to face the situations.

It is equally important to incorporate activities that you and your spouse enjoy together, that’s a way of connecting with the spouse and also it reduces pressure amongst couples that are facing relationship issues. Spending time together, doing fun activities leads to a positive mental state.

This is the last Mantra of the 3 ways to prevent Erectile Dysfunction.

These 3 ways or Mantras will help you prevent Erectile Dysfunction, ED is a part of every mans’ life prevent it early while its temporary and not let it reside within you and ruin the entire journey of life.