Safety Tips when Using Penis Pumps

Penis pumps, according to vendors, can be effective at helping you attain and maintain an erection when used properly. However, wrong use of this device can lead to painful, unsightly, and sometimes serious consequences as well. Contrary to popular believe, a penis pump only produces temporary results. At the most, it can help retain an erection for three to four hours, and afterward the penis softens again.

Safety considerations when using a penis pump

Because of the risks involved, the penis pump is also recommended for patients who need to maintain an erection to prevent penile atrophy. They are also recommended in the rehabilitation of patients recovering from prostatic surgery to prevent impotence. The device is available over the counter, so anyone who wants to try this device can do so without the prescription of a doctor. You may want to use a lubricant when using the penis pump to prevent it from sticking to the sides of the cylinder. To prevent applying excessive vacuum, make sure you use a pump that has a built-in vacuum limiter, which prevents the pressure from getting too high. Also consider existing medical conditions before using this device. The use of a penis pump is not recommended for men who suffer from bleeding disorders and those who suffer from priapism or prolonged periods of erection.

Dangers of using penis pumps

There are a lot of risks when you misuse penis pumps. For one, applying excessive vacuum can lead to burst blood vessels, resulting in an unsightly purple color on the organ, as well as potential nerve damage that can affect your ability to maintain an erection naturally in the future. Addiction to the pump, although very strange, has also been found to occur.

Penis pumps are devices that only produce temporary results. Proper use of the device is very important if you want to avoid problems such as bruising and damaged blood vessels and nerves.